What is the School Kompanion?

The School Kompanion is an end to end School Management Software System. It serves as both a MIS (Management Information System) and a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) for Independent Schools, Academies and Free Schools of all shapes and sizes. Our strength lies in both the functionality and user friendly interface of our School Kompanion, so you and your staff can focus on what's important.

What is a MIS and a VLE?

An MIS (Management Information System) serves as a backbone of any school. It is the means by which your school can centrally manage attendance, student details, annual reports, attainment levels, fees, staff, behaviour, curriculums and much, much more.

A VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) sits neatly on top of the MIS to provide a seamless learning platform, which allows for teacher to utilise the MIS easily, and plan (and store) lessons. Students also benefit from the VLE, as they can log on from home and continue their learning through personalised learning resources. Parents have the ability to log in and view their child's progression, attainment, attendance records, behaviour and fees payment status

Why should you pick KSM Online?

In a relatively short time, KSM Online has become the chosen provider of school management systems for independent schools, academies and free schools around the UK & overseas. With KSM Online representatives based nationally and internationally we are ideally placed to provide a personal touch to an area that lacked a connection between user and provider.

KSM Online prides itself on a "can-do" attitude, always working hard for you to make your management system work exactly how you need it to. We don't believe you should overhaul your infrastructure to fall in line with KSM Online - we fall in line with yours.

We are constantly evolving and always rolling out innovative new ways to streamline the way you run your school or organisation. We would love to hear from you so give us a call or drop us an email to have a KSM Online representative get in touch with you.

Made with your School in mind.
Manage from anywhere.
The School Kompanion has been designed to work seamlessly on your computer, your mobile & or your tablet
so that your school can follow you wherever you are.
Some of the views of our members.
"...within a very short span of time we have found that the system has decreased admin load substantially and improved staff communication. It has been particularly helpful in the daunting task of report writing and is working as a VLE for the staff and students. The helpline setup was very helpful..."
Ashfaque Choudhury,
"The School Kompanion system works really well for us. For the parent, it means that they can check their fees schedule, childs progress and reports from home. For the student, it means that they can check for messages and homework updates from the comfort of their homes..."
Ashraf Patel,
Tayyibah Girls School
"Taking on the School Kompanion has meant significant improvements in so many ways - from tracking pupil progress, sharing resources with staff and students, report writing, fees accounting and so much more! I don't know how we managed without them!"
Aisha Chaudhry,
Al Khair School
"Al islah School have found the School Kompanion to be invaluable. Al Islah's KSM representative always responds quickly to communication and implemented changes we required to the system immediately..."
Aisha Ahmed,
Al Islah School
"KSM Online has added a whole new dimension to our work and built up our capacity to increase the quality and quantity of our services"
Sheikh Shams Ad-Duha Muhammed,
Ebrahim College
"...the School Kompanion proved to be a very useful resource for our full-time school. In addition to the various facilities it has on offer the amount of support we got form the KSM team is second to none. They were able to tailor the system to our specific needs"
Dr Ghassan Nounu,
Andalusia Academy Bristol